How will our Distinctive Highlight Film and other edited videos be delivered?

As each edited video is complete, we will email you a custom link to a secure file sharing site from which you can download your video right to your computer. You can easily share it with others through the site as well. After your full package is complete, there is also an option to have all of your edited videos delivered to you on a flash drive if you like.

What is the 1-2 hour Documentary Archive Edit?

Out of the many hours of footage we capture throughout your wedding day, we select all the biggest and best moments to edit into one video that you can view and share easily. It includes straightforward edits of your wedding ceremony, toasts, first dance and all the main events of the day from 1 or 2 camera angles, plus plenty of fun shots of your friends and family having a great time.

How is the Unique Ceremony Film different from the ceremony in the 1-2 hour Documentary Archive?

The Unique Ceremony Film is a richer viewing experience, preserving every detail in a more complex edit of your full wedding ceremony in real time. It includes more camera angles, which allows you to view your entire ceremony from multiple perspectives in a stand alone video. This edit is highly recommended for sharing with family and friends who couldn't attend your ceremony in person, and it will make them feel like they were there.

If you do not choose the Unique Ceremony Film in your package, you will of course still receive your ceremony in a simple, straightforward edit from 1 or 2 camera angles in your Documentary Archive.

If you would like to see an example of a Unique Ceremony Film, please let us know and we'd be happy to send you a link. 

Whatever package you choose, we value and approach each ceremony equally, using multiple state of the art cameras and  audio equipment, including backups. In fact, you can even order your Unique Ceremony Edit after we've already captured your wedding day, if you decide you'd like to add it. 

How do you capture such wonderful footage without distracting from the wedding day experience?

We know that the experience of your wedding day is extremely important for you and your guests. We are always aware of this when capturing all the big moments as well as the intimate moments. We've had couples tell us that they barely noticed us, and others tell us that we fit in like family. Many couples say that our presence contributed to the fun and excitement of the day. Rest assured, we will quickly blend in to become a part of the whole experience in a way that does not detract from it. You'll probably be more aware of your photographer than of us. 

Do you travel?

Why yes, we're Traveling Tiger!

Many companies will charge travel fees, we do not. We ask only for the actual cost of transportation and modest lodgings when necessary.

How do we reserve our date with you?

We'll email you a basic contract that you can sign digitally, and we ask for a deposit to reserve your date on our calendar. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Just call with your info, or you can pop a check in the mail.

We are happy to create an easy payment plan with you if you'd like.


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